"She go to work, she go to school
Her body smooth, no tattoos
Type of girl that make your mother feel comfortable
My pops love her too, she’s compatible
She’s independent, she handle her business
She believe in God and no other religions
Never in competition when it comes to her friends
She’s dependable, she set her own trends
A confidant, a mediator
So sweet, every flavor
Just a conversation with her, doing you a favor
Look at her hips, I want to be her pager
Conservative, affirmative
Action when she relaxing in sweats and bobby pins
The beauty of her, a blind man could see
A true queen, and she needs me."

She Needs Me -KENDRICK LAMAR (via subconscioussurrenders)

"We all seem to stumble, planning our own demise. Forgetting the big picture and making it wallet size. So to what’s important in my life I apologize. I promise to stay faithful, focused and sanctified."

Kendrick Lamar (via veryalive)

(via veryalive)